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A-Quant Fintech Company

  • User Interface & Experience Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Backend / API Development
  • Full Service Testing
  • Xamarin
  • Asp.net core
  • SignalR 
  • MT4 / MT5


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Company Background

A-Quant is a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Finance & Finance with many years of trading experience, having worked in Hedge funds, big corporations, research institutes & academia.

A-Quant has started to play its own role in the European Fintech scene.

A-Quant trading signals app was realized in 2019. The major scope of the app is to provide individual traders & investors, both experienced & novice ones, powerful & easily accessible trading tools, that until recently were only used by institutional investors.

As a result, Dotpointslash was approached by a-Quant to design and develop an innovative product that is now used form a wide audience of users globally. In this way Dotpointslash helped a Fintech company to achieve its goal which was the democratization of finance.


A-Quant approached Dotpointslash with a challenging set of deliverables. They required a simple yet innovative native application that made investment in finance simple. This is what has now made A-Quant the go-to application for any kind of investor with high to no investing/trading experience. Prior to this project, Dotpointslash’s main body of work focused on ERP, CRM, E-Commerce and other custom software solutions, however, drawing on our experience and following a two-week consultation, we drafted a high-level specification that outlined our proposed solution.

Key Deliverables

• The ability for a user to receive signals in stocks, indices, commodities, FX and cryptocurrencies.
• The ability for a user to trade through the a-Quant app by implementing an API bridge with a very well-known financial Broker of the UK.
• Ability to enjoy state-of-the-art Indicators for price direction, prices, news and all the necessary information for the most popular cryptocurrencies.
• User friendly UI/UX which has received very impressive reviews in App Store and Google

A-quant mobile app outcome

The entire product was designed, developed and tested in less than a year and is now deployed and marketed online as a-Quant signals. With over 80.000 downloads in Google & Apple Store and more than 15.000 active users in just 12 months, the feedback from both their existing clients and new customers has been the motivation behind continuing to develop and incorporate even more features and functionality within the system.

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